Fabio Sansalone:

How and when did you discover your love for music?



I started to listen music consciously when I was 10. My cousin who was Punk Rocker at that time played me some G.B.H. songs. I liked it, but I was looking for something more heavier, so I began with metal music and later on discover other interesting genres. I was collecting cassettes, reading interviews and doing everything that was going around music. Then I have realized that music is the one of most important things in my life.




The artwork of an album is something very important you know, it can be the very first impression for a new fan. What do you want to convey/communicate with yours?



In my opinion artwork should be a visualization of album title. I wanted to show decay of humanity, my private disgust and scorn towards it. It was supposed to be awful and dark.




Do you have any kind of “target project”? I mean, what is your dream, your main ambition in music? How do you imagine yourself in five years?



I dont have any ambitions. I am making music cause I have inside "need" to do it. There is this force that pushing me to make all this stuff. How do I imagine myself in five years?

5 years older hahaha but seriously I dont know. I dont think 5 years a head. I will make music thats for sure. 



Irene Eva:

Is your work autoproduced or did you decide to entrust the management to someone else?



It was produced in Monroe Sound Studio by Arkadiusz Jab³oñski known as Aro who also played session bass on the album. I recorded most of the material at my home Paranoic Abyss Studio but it was mixed and mastered at Monroe Sound Studio as I mentioned above.




Which is the instrument from which the creative process comes out first? What is the first instrument you play when you’re writing a song? And who does usually writes the songs?



I will start from the end. A.H.P. is my solo project and I am making all music myself. It is Black Metal / Ambient or as I I call it Black Scar Ambient so it really depends in which style I am making new song. If it's BM song I usually start from guitars. If its ambient, then it's keyboards and effects of course. Creative process starts in the head. If you dont have any ideas nothing will come out of it.



 Edoardo Napoli:

What’s the element which could best lead people to listen precisely to your music, given a so strong competition in music business?



I guess you havent listen to A.H.P. at all if you are asking such a question. Start from album title, it will maybe ring some bells.



Alle Rabitti:

How your perception of music has changed since you started your adventure, considerate yourself, who compose the songs and people who listen to it?



I should talk about natural progress right now but.. I won't.

I hate bullshit talking like...oh yeah we have progressed so much since the last album and now we are adults so we won't do this and that anymore....it makes me sick

It is an obvious thing that if you train something you are becoming better in it. You are more demanding about the details cause you already learned something and simply want to avoid mistakes from the past. It's a natural thing so whats the point of talking about it.



 Chris M.:

Considering your past, your beginning in music, how do you see yourself now? What can we expect from the future?



I recorded few albums. Learned few things so I guess You can expect a lot of good and high quality music thats for sure.

We just finished working on another ILLNESS album. This time it will be 6 songs in the vein of "Zaraza" - song from Arkona / Illness split. Hopefully I will finish production of Carrion's project Disorder in which I am also a vocalist.




To each of you: what are your passions beside music?



Since I am responsible for everything in this project and I also work in other projects, music fulfills my free time completely. Actually I am missing time all the time so I have put music over of everything.



Matt Innerfrost:

What do you think about the current italian music scene?



I dont know too many bands from your counrty but I like Satanika very much. Early Aborym stuff is also good not to mention classics like Mortuary Drape or Death SS.



Davide Cantelmi:

What does make a band worthy of success, in your opinion?



In perfect world it would be talent, creativity, original ideas I guess, but in reality it is a question of how much money you will invest in promotion of your band, how many PR people you will hire and all that kind of things, so it's all about money again. Sad but true.



Sandro Accardi:

Do you live thanks to your music? If it’s not so, what’s your job?



If I would like to live out from my music I would starve to death 20 years ago, so of course I don't. My work in my private life has nothing to do with my music. I dont talk about my private life publicly



Francesco “Laemoth” Peruzzi:

What did lead you to the decision of making music? And how did you choose your genre and style?



Like I said before I was into music in general since early years and always wanted to play, so when I was 15 I've picked up guitar and start to make first songs. It was 1995 and I was(and still I am) into Black Metal so it was BM songs or something that was meant to be BM of course.



Matteo D’ermes:

What’s your relationship like with the press, reviewers and music critics?



I am open for constructive criticism. I dont have problems with my ego so if somebody or everybody likes my music its ok if they dont, I simply dont care. Sometimes it is funny to see how people are trying to compare you in their reviews to someone else. When it comes to interviews it looks really simple : If I do interview I have to spend my time on it. I dont have much of it so I dont like to waste it. It's fucked up to talk with people who don't know your music at all and didn't even bother to listen to at least one song before starting interview. I prefer to talk with professionals instead of people "who was forced to do it".




If it’s true you usually bring your personal experience in music, how is it false in you opinion?



It probably depends on what kind of music you are doing and if it's really you who does that or you are just a face in tv. In my case you will definitely find my feelings and personal experience in my music. They say that music you make is the voice of your soul so I guess this opinion is not false. 



 Siberian Tiger:

Talking about lyrics: how did your country and your origins influence yourself as musicians and what you write for your music? Do you want to convey a specific message through your music?



Of Course Norway, its nature and weather have a huge impact on me and my music. It's raining 300 days in a year so you can imagine depressive atmosphere around here. Darkness in autumn and winter time.

I mainly make music for myself but of course it is flattering when someone tells you that your stuff is good. My message is simple : AGAINST HUMAN PLAGUE.



Robin Bagnolati.

Today, how many release have you done? If there are more than one, which would you recommend to a new fan that would like to get closer to your music?



I recorded "Demo 2012" and debiut album entitled "Against Human Plague" with A.H.P.. I dont have fans , rock stars do. I am not a rock star.




What kind of sound effects do You use when you play your Music? Are They The same you use when you're recording in studio?



I don't play live but when I rehearse I am using line 6 pod studio ux 2. I made my own sound on it so its enough for me. In the studio we are using a lot of different equipment. "Against Human Plague" was mixed and mastered in old school way on a real consol using only "outside equipment", old amps, echo delays from pedals instead of computer plugins etc.




And now to close the interview…



Buy A.H.P. - " Against Human Plague" debut album released on cd format by Via Nocturna if you are looking for mixture of Black Metal and Ritual Dark Ambient in old 90's vein.