Fabio Sansalone:

How and when did you discover your love for music? 



I was ten, my classmate Fabrizio went to me with a gift: a casette with a written on it 'Kiss-Alive II', still this is my fav record and Kiss are one of my favorite bands! since that day I become a rocker and I tried to live my life for that electric crazy vibe, I think thereÕs a lot of the late 70's Kiss in Bad Bones sound, straight in your face r'n'r! 




The artwork of an album is something very important you know, it can be the very first impression for a Bad Bones new fan.  What do you want to convey/communicate with yours?



The Bad Bones artwork has always been very simple, in the previous three albums we just used a logo symbolizing the idea that was behind the lyrics on a black background, for 'Demolition Derby' we wanted something different, we are great fans of the 80's metal covers (Iron Maiden on top of it) and we wanted to pay a tribute to that kind of artwork, so we asked the famous cartoonist Enzo Rizzi ('la storia del rock a fumetti' - 'heavy bone') to interpret the album title in his way and the result was simply amazing ! we finally have a cover full of colors! 




Do you have any kind of “target project”?  I mean, what is your dream, your main ambition in music?How do you imagine yourself in five years?



We don't have great ambitions, we just love music and we love to play our hard rock around, we played in Europe and USA, we supported famous bands and rocked world famous venue, we are happy with the level we reached, obviously we want to reach the more people possible but that's not an obsession, we try to get better album after album, write better songs and create better shows that's the only real target that we follow because we live for the music and that's the only important thing for us.




Which is the instrument from which the creative process comes out first? What is the first instrument you play when youÕre writing a song? And who does usually writes the songs? 



The writing process changes from song to song, there is not a pre-decided setting, many people says that I'm the main songwriter of the band but that's not completely true, I'm more the 'kickstarter' and the lyric-man.

I'm a bass player but sometimes I prefer to start composing with a guitar and then I submit the new song to the rest of the band which reworks the original idea.

Sometimes the song comes out very different from the starting idea turning into a jam that blend melodies and riffs creating new compositions. I submit the lyrics and the vocal melodies but at the end the composing process is a real team work.



Edoardo Napoli:

What’s the element which could best lead people to listen precisely to your music, given a so strong competition in music business? 



First of all we don't care about competition, competition is something belongs to the sport more than to the arts, music is a way to express yourself so we don't really care to compete with others, we love our music and that's fine, if somebody like it it's a great thing and we are honored that someone could buy our album or come to a Bad Bones' show, good music ain't nothing to do with commercial success, if you want old school, honest, loud Hard Rock you may listen to 'Demolition Derby' and all Bad Bones' discography.




What kind of sound effects do You use when you play your Music? Are They The same you use when you're recording in studio?



We are an old school band, we use Marshall and Ampeg amplifiers, fender guitars and Mapex drums, we don't use any effects, Sergio just plugs his guitar into a WhaWha  an old overdrive and a chorus, that's it, the musician's hands are more important than the effects, we want to be honest to the people and we use the same equipment when we record the album, we hate overdubs and we try to use it the less possible, everything you listen on the record you will find it live, nothing more nothing less.



Mystisk Død: 

What's the story behind your name?



This a funny story, we formed the band just for fun without big ambitions, at the time everybody was playing in other musical projects, one day a friend of us asked to support his band because they didn't have a full set, we did it and at the end of the show the audience was literally shocked by our performance, lot of them asked the name of the band but we forget to think about a name so I remember we said, our name is 'Sin City' ( because me and my brother Lele, the drummer of the band,  watched the movie the night before) when we come back home we were really excited for that show and we really wanted to start the band but we need to find a monicker, so Lele took the lyric's copybook, read a couple of verses then looked at me saying 'there are all your Skeletons in the closet in this shit!' everybody laughed and I said yes! 'Bad Bones' that's the name! 



Polverone Liz: 

Can you introduce some influences from rock band that you like in the music that you sing?



As I said before we love '70's and 80's Hard Rock, our favorite bands are Ac/Dc, Kiss, Whitesnake, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Def Leppard, Guns'n'Roses and Motorhead, we love ZZtop and the Rolling Stones, there is a bluesy side in our sound and a metal side too Iron Maiden, Saxon and Judas Priest among all! you can find a little bit of every of this bands in our music.  



Curse Vag: 

If you have to bound a feeling to your album for describe it, wich may be it?



One feeling? Happiness for sure, this is the most happy album we have ever made, the mood in the studio was full of energy and joy, the recording sessions has been amazing, the band was in a state of grace and more we collaborated with great artist like producer Simone Mularoni and Roberto Tiranti both positive and nice guys. Everything was relaxed and we really enjoyed every second of this recording sessions.

You can easily find this mood through the songs of the album, this is a heavy rock album who smiles like a killer!



Nicole Clark: 

Do you have different or similar musical backgrounds?



Everyone in the band has its own influences, I started with Iron Maiden, Kiss and Motorhead, Sergio with Ac/Dc, Lele loves bands like Aerosmith and Cheap Trick, Max has been influenced by singers like Steve Lee (Gotthard), Jeff Scott Soto and Ronnie J. Dio. As you can see our musical roots are near.



Michele Puma: 

What do you think of bands those introduces political thinking in theirs lyrics? Do you think that politic idea (but religious too) may influence the nature of a band that discover the underground work and then the mainstream?



I think that everybody is free to say what he want making music, personally I think that every message could have  a political interpretation, I remember when Heavy Metal in the late 80's was attacked by the parent associations in America, none of the bands of the time wanted to have any political role but it happened, so it's almost impossible to stay out of this, even if you don't want to take any political position, if you have an audience then you have to play the game. In any case we don't care about politics, our lyrics are about feelings and everyday life, we have no good advices to give or lessons to teach to anyone, we just want to tell what we are living everyday.