Fabio Sansalone:

How and when did you discover your love for music? 



It started when i was a young kid, listening to parents music. I remember I spent a lot of time listening to crappy old pop music since I was around 12, when I discovered from my schoolmate's older brother Punk rock music and one year later the metal scene. But it was during the early High School time I started playing guitar in my first band and later the bass guitar. Because I learned to play and compose music all by myself, I've always been into listening tons of music, trying to reproduce riffs and to understand songs' structures and, after several years, I never quitted. This is true love!




The artwork of an album is something very important you know, it can be the very first impression for a new fan.  What do you want to convey/communicate with yours?



For 'Cursed' we choose as artworker Alberto Beccherini; he is a super cool designer and super cool guy. He collaborated with a lot of big names in the global music scene. 

The cover is basically black with a super dark drawing of a two heads snake emerging from a flamed hole with a burning world in background and old school stars around. I think it is perfectly matching with the atmosphere we generate in the songs and with the lyrics. The message is clear: 'Darkness has come'.




Do you have any kind of “target project”?  I mean, what is your dream, your main ambition in music? How do you imagine yourself in five years?



I'd like to have time enough to learn playing more instruments (like keyboards) and I'd like to stay on tour for the rest of my life; this is my main ambition. So I guess in five years I'll be touring and writing and recording music as well.




Which is the instrument from which the creative process comes out first? What is the first instrument you play when you’re writing a song? And who does usually writes the songs? 



I was used to write new stuff with the guitar in my small home studio, but to be honest I'm starting to compose with the bass guitar; I have to admit that this is quite inspiring me.

When I have some material, I record it and send it to the other guys or I show the riffs in the trial room. Tony instead compose with the guitar and does the same. We are all involved in the composition process, because Dudu (drums) usually suggests the song's structure and Frez writes all the lyrics. We are 100% committed into it and this makes the process interesting and various, also because it happens we have different views on a song, so we can choose the best solution between four.




What kind of sound effects do You use when you play your Music? Are They The same you use when you're recording in studio?



I use on stage exactly the same bass rig I used in studio sessions! My standard set up is based on a compressed and quite distorted sound I obtain by some standard guitar pedals, running throw a BBE Maximizer from the '90 into a superb Gallen-Krueger amp head and 'fridge' cabinet. G&K amps are perfect for me because they are powerful and solid and super cutting throw the mix. Guitars have been recorded with some more amps, just to give more frequency scope, that we reproduce on stage with two heads and cabs. In studio and on stage Tony uses only a delay pedal and a booster for some parts and a noise suppressor. In 'Cursed' we wanted to obtain a more natural and analogic (but still) in-your-face sound, so we decided to use the gears we use on stage. We wanted to obtain a 'live sounding' record and people seems to love this choice because it sounds real and natural.




Silvia Agnoloni: 

How do you think to find support in Italy purposing yourself here?



I think every artist should use every opportunity to talk about his band and about himself, to have the chance to generate the impulse into people reading it to check on the web music and profile. You guys give this kind of opportunity to musicians to be more known in Italy and this is perfect. By the way I think it is easier to find supporters abroad, I saw it in every tour I had. In Italy feelings like envy are very usual between musicians.




What do you think of the discographic Italian system?



I think there are a lot of good labels in Italy, moved by passion for music and leaded by cool guys supporting what they like. Of course it is a business too, so there are also some not-that-trustful deals out there, but it is the same everywhere in the globe. The real problem in Italy is that a part of people is not going to live shows. Being envious ore in a competition doesn't help scene!



Curse Vag: 

If you have to bound a feeling to your album for describe it, wich may be it?



I'll say 'restlessness'. In 'Cursed', for the first time, we were able to match black and dirty atmospheres with the insane lyrics and a super dark sound. This combination makes you feel totally restless.



Roberto Bertero: 

When you decided to build a band which bands motivates you to do it?



My very first band was a punk rock band, so I was inspired and motivated by bands like Nofx, but the album that changed my life was 'Slaughter of the Soul' by At The Gates. My first real band was totally inspired by that album. 



Nicole Clark: 

Do you have different or similar musical backgrounds?



We have all almost the same age, so we listened in the years almost the same records. We are all from the same scene, so we listened to punk music, metal (from Black to death to doom to sludge) and hard-core music in general. Then, all of us has personal opinions about the bands and loves also different kind of music.



Michele Puma: 

What do you thing of bands those introduces political thinking in theirs lyrics? Do you think that politic idea (but religious too) may influence the nature of a band that discover the underground work and then the mainstream?



I think that music is a chance to tell people who you are and it is a faster way to comunicate to the world. So I think that if someone has something to say, music is the right form to express it, even if it is about political ideals or religion or against it all. Of course, in mainstream market some artists prefer to be more 'neutral', but I accept it. 




And now to close the interview…



I wanna thank all of you guys for the chance to talk with you and I wanna invite all to check our next shows on socials (www.facebook.com/ifidietodayhc or Twitter @IFIDIETODAYIIDT or Instagram Ifidietoday_official) or via Sliptrick Records. We canÕt wait to see you in our next live shows that are our real world. You've been warned!