Do you have any kind of “target project”?  I mean, what is your dream, your main ambition in music?How do you imagine yourself in five years?



Our dream is to make our music bigger and bigger every day, to make people feel and listen our songs the way we do. Many things change every year and yes we imagine ourselves going out there, doing what we love and giving our best every day to make it bigger and better.




Which is the instrument from which the creative process comes out first? What is the first instrument you play when you’re writing a song? And who does usually writes the songs? 



All the songs start with guitar riffs and then we build the whole song composing bass, drums and vocals on it. Sirrell our guitarist is usually writing the songs and then everyone does their part on it.



Edoardo Napoli:

What’s the element which could best lead people to listen precisely to your music, given a so strong competition in music business? 



Well, according to people that we meet at every show, the most unique thing in our songs is the combination of melody and aggression and we tend to agree with them.  



Sandro Accardi:

Do you live thanks to your music? If it’s not so, what’s your job?



We would love to live from music because it is part of our dream and a very important goal, however for the time being we are not. Most of us have a side job like a Computer Programmer, a Bartenders and stuff like that to make our living.




What kind of sound effects do You use when you play your Music? Are They The same you use when you're recording in studio?



We use sound effects like guitar delays, wahwah, whammy pedals, flanger, phaser and some distorted bass parts. We always use sound effects that can be played live when we record in studio. We want everything that’s on the album to be performed that same way and with the same precision to our live shows too. 



Mystisk Død: 

What's the story behind your name and, if you have it, your artwork?



''Project Theory'' is a project that tries to explain our theory of the human condition through our songs. It talks about the good and the bad guy inside of us. Especially, when under some circumstances, the good or the bad guy pushes you to do the right or the bad thing.

The artwork takes the whole meaning from the title of the album ''Something Between Us'' and puts it into an image. It means that between the good and the bad guy inside of you it is yourself that eventually has to take the decision.



Silvia Agnoloni: 

How do you think to find support in Italy purposing yourself here?



We think about contacting and cooperating with some bands from Italy, so that we can go there play with them in some venues and introduce ourselves to the Italian audience. So, after than we can help them come here in Greece and play with us in some venues. Many bands work that way nowadays and we believe that’s the fairest deal you can make.



Polverone Liz: 

1) Can you introduce some influences from rock band that you like in the music that you sing?

2)do you believe in god? Do you approve the christian message or do you try to separate it from you writing satanic lyrics in anti-christian way?



1- Some of our influences are Korn, Disturbed, Limp Bizkit, Bring me the Horizon and that kind of bands.

2- Well most of us yes we believe in god, each and everyone in his own way. Maybe one day we will write a song with a Christian message. The truth is that we’re never going to try to write a song with satanic or anti-christian lyrics.



Curse Vag: 

If you have to bound a feeling to your album for describe it, wich may be it?



Well, it would be proudness because we put ourselves in every song and when we see that others enjoy our music as much as we do we can’t be more proud of what we created!



Roberto Bertero: 

When you decided to build a band which bands motivates you to do it?



It was Firewind from Greece and to be more specific it was Gus G the founder of the band. He did the best he could to form a band and make his music worldwide – that’s not an easy thing to do. Yet he accomplished to do things that some people couldn’t even dream of!



Nicole Clark: 

Do you have different or similar musical backgrounds?



Everyone has its own musical influences but in the most part we have very similar musical backgrounds.



Michele Puma: 

What do you thing of bands those introduces political thinking in theirs lyrics? Do you think that politic idea (but religious too) may influence the nature of a band that discover the underground work and then the mainstream?



Writing political lyrics in a song is a way to express your political opinion or the opinion that most of us believe and its not that bad, we like thoughts like this.

On the other hand, there are many amazing religious bands that can never be mainstream because of being that way. Maybe the system is not made for them so they will always be underground. Who knows?




And now to close the interview…



We want to thank each and every one that has helped us achieve all we did so far. We challenge people to listen to our new album and come to our show and be part of what we are!

We can ensure them they will see something that they have never seen before!