COLDBLOOD (Brazilian Death Metal).


Line up:


Diego Mercadante – Vox and Guitar

Markus Couttinho – Drums

ArturCirio – Lead Guitars


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Fabio Sansalone:

How and when did you discover your love for music?



Markus Couttinho: I discovered my passion for music when I was 10 years old. First with more popular songs, like those played in "summer hits" radio stations, but it was through an uncle of mine that Metal music got into my life, he had LPs like "The Number of the Beast", "Peace of Mind", "Powerslave" (Iron Maiden), "Back in Black" and "Jailbreak" (ACDC), "Creatures of the Night"(Kiss) and "1984"(Van Halen)




The artwork of an album is something very important; you know, it can be the very first impression for a new fan.  What do you want to convey/communicate with yours?



Diego Mercadante:  We have built a concept for sure. The central figure of the artwork would be the personification of our symbol, which is the heptagram, and the creation of the cover art was inspired by the promo picture of Bram Stoker´s Dracula movie of 1992.  However, it´s still interesting when you have the artwork on your hands, and while you listen to the songs you get into the lyrics to find your own interpretation of them.




Do you have any kind of “target project”?  I mean, what is your dream, your main ambition in music? How do you imagine yourselves in five years from now.



Markus Couttinho: Our biggest achievement is to be active after 24 years and speaking of Metal in Brazil, we all know the difficulties that we face. We have already done a lot of cool stuff and even unthinkable things... so, to be able to release records, go on tours and have your work recognized is already a great prize. We are going to do this until our health let us do it.




Which is the instrument from which the creative process comes out first? What is the first instrument you play when you’re writing a song? And who does usually write the songs?



Markus Couttinho: The creation process starts with Diego Mercadante. He creates all the structures of the songs while I take care of the arrangements. Then, we start to rehearse the new songs with the band until it gets to the perfect point for recording.



Edoardo Napoli:

What’s the element which could best lead people to listen precisely to your music, given a so strong competition in the music business?



Diego Mercadante: Our music is our second language, and Death Metal fans have understood our purposes and only they can tell what is attractive to them. For now, what we have realized from some reviews is that the public relates our songs with what was done in the golden age of Death Metal in the 90's, using exactly these words. We get happy and honoured with that, for being compared to our greatest idols.



Sandro Accardi:

Do you make a living out of music? If not, what’s your job?



Markus Couttinho: We try! In fact, everybody in the band needs to have their own regular jobs. The band is not 100% self-sufficient yet and we need to invest money in some areas, like a small company and, besides the difficulties, we have been active for 24 years




What kind of sound effects do you use when you play your music live? Are they the same you     use when you're recording in studio?



Diego Mercadante: We like to create some ambiences and we use the same effects live that we use in studio. Basically, we sometimes we use delay in the guitars.



Polverone Liz:

Do you believe in God? Do you approve the Christian message or you try to separate it from you when writing satanic lyrics in anti-Christian way?



Diego Mercadante: I believe that there is a Demiurge, like an arrogant and egocentric god that demands to be adored by everyone and that´s why we wear bodies to limit ourselves to his will. Christianity appeared from the fear that the Demiurge put on people in several aspects. Theist Satanism is in the subconscious of only a few people, you´ll feel you must initiate an inner search and that there´s something very wrong with the world and human beings. Hiliac men are being guided to a definitive end and that includes the Christians that are wasting their time on earth by adoring who is making them hostages.



Curse Vag:

If you have to bound a feeling to your album in order to describe it, what would it be?



Diego Mercadante: Lamentation



Roberto Bertero:

When you decided to build a band, which bands motivated you to do it?



Markus Couttinho:  We were young between 15 and 16 years old and we were influenced by bands like Venom, Possessed, Mercyfull Fate, Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost… The idea to make a band came after we discovered bands as Death, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Massacre, Bolt Thrower, Paradise Lost (Old), Benediciotn… this was in 1992. The Death Metal played by these bands encouraged us directly to form Coldblood




And now to close the interview…



Markus Couttinho: Thanks for the interview! A big hail to our fans and supporters. Listen to the new album, see you on the road.