Donkey Punch Management is proud to announce that POKERFACE band from Moscow will be on tour with NERVOSA (Female Thrash Metal from Brazil) this October for 3 shows:






POKERFACE - The band was created in Moscow, Russia in 2013. 

POKERFACE shared the stage with such famous European bands as Sodom, Sister Sin, Knorkator.

In 2014, the band released their first EP "Terror is the law" on the label "Irond / Molot" with female vocalist Delirium Tremens.

In their work POKERFACE is looking up to the stars of American and German thrash metal, such as Slayer, Testament, Sodom, Kreator.

Speed heavy riffs, English lyrics and brutal vocals symbolizes real old school thrash metal.


In the Spring of 2015, POKERFACE arranged Russian tour with Brazilian icon Sepultura and performed a Summer tour with Overkill, Claustrofobia, Children of Bodom and Vader.


At the beginning of Autumn 2015 POKERFACE released the debut album "Divide And Rule", and played shows with Megadeth, Kreator and Infected Rain.



After more than 16 years guitarist Michael Hoffmann

decided to leave ASSASSIN. His decision to leave became

apparent already during the recordings and production of

the new album "Combat Cathedral" because he didn't take

part of it much. After a long time of thinking about it, his

decision came because of personal reasons.


A good and valid substitute had to be find fast, because

ASSASSIN is going to present their new master piece

combined with old ASSASSIN-classicals from mid

September on.


This musician was found with FRANK BLACKFIRE who is

going to play the second guitar in the band. And members of

the Metal Scene will know him from bands like Kreator and

Sodom, as well.

So check out what the ASSASSIN guys are going to present

on stage in the next upcoming future!

Canadian progressive thrashers Torrefy ( have just unleashed the lyric video for "Thrashist Dictator". The song comes off the sophomore record, which is due to be released independently on Friday, August 19th.

Hailing from Victoria BC, Canada - Torrefy have returned from their cosmic forge wielding a brand new concept album "The Infinity Complex" as a follow up to their debut album "Thrash and Burn". Torrefy presents this album as proof of their development into a sonic 'tour de force' capable of shaking the very foundations of creation. Since their last release, Torrefy has shared the stage with many legends of the Heavy Metal craft, including, but not limited to, the likes of Havok, Skeletonwitch, Warbringer, Enforcer, Exmortus, Toxic Holocaust, and Cattle Decapitation. Torrefy has alchemized the influences of these performances into a style all their own. Truly showcasing their frantic and eclectic take on the Thrash and Death Metal genres, "The Infinity Complex" hums with the frequencies of a thousand dying suns, twisting and writhing through a countless barrage of riffs, only to offer a few moments of respite from the unrelenting intensity wherein the hypnotic rhythms only further the listener's descent into a nihilistic trance. With ambitious and thoroughly massive effort, a story beyond any conscious scale weaves its way toward an explosive climax to the tune of a decaying macrocosm. Beyond an album, what Torrefy has created is an experience; One which they hope to share with their metal brethren across the globe...

And perhaps, one day, across this universe.

Russian death/thrashers POKERFACE announce line-up changes.

POKERFACE welcome two new female members: guitarist Xen Ritter and vocalist Alexandra "LadyOwl" Orlova. The latter (being a KORROZYA METALLA member)  toured with the band this Spring, replacing the steady singerette Delirium Tremens, who recently left Pokerface.

They are working on the new album and preparing for the Metal Crowd Open Air in Belarus.

POKERFACE debut full-length was released late 2015 via Moroz Records. Since then, they shared the stages with (among others) Sodom, Sepultura, Megadeth, Kreator, Death DTA.








After 15 years playing with Assassin, guitarist Michael Hoffmann decided to leave the band. 

His decision to leave became apparent already during the recordings and production of the new album "Combat Cathedral", because he didn't take part of it much. 

We gave him the time to think about it and after all he took this decision because of personal reasons in case of the new style Assassin was going with "Combat Cathedral". 

He will stay musically active for sure and we wish the best success for him and his future projects. 

You can see Assassin live from September on with a substitute on guitar that is well known to the scene. 

So watch out for the next Assassin news to come!

Nach über 15 Jahren bei Assassin ist unser Gitarrist Michael Hoffmann aus der Band ausgestiegen.

Sein Ausstieg zeichnete sich leider schon bei den Arbeiten und der Produktion des neuen Albums Combat Cathedral ab, da er daran nur wenig teilgenommen hatte. Wir haben ihm die Zeit gelassen, sich alles in Ruhe zu überlegen. Nach langem Überlegen und hinsichtlich des ,Stils, den Assassin mit Combat Cathedral gehen, fiel dann doch letztendlich seine Entscheidung des Ausstiegs aus persönlichen Gründen.

Er wird sicher musikalisch aktiv bleiben und wir wünschen ihm alles Gute dafür. Assassin werden ab September live zu sehen sein mit einem entsprechenden Ersatz, der der Szene bekannt sein wird.

Thermit – the dynamic Polish heavy-thrashers have just released the video for the title track off their debut CD,Saints”.


Fully animated video was developed by 'Cassiaramone' ( and 'Komary w czekoladzie' ( Both artists and the band are featured in the clip in animated form.


The,Saints” CD was released early April 2016 and has been gaining critical praise with 9/10 being the most usual score.


Metal Hammer Poland:,(…)it’s beyond comprehension. The fact, that a record of this fantastic quality has to be released by the band itself. It might be a proof that the metal market has reached its bottom”,(…) it might be one of the best records of 2016 on European scale. Not to mention Poland.


The video can be watched here:

The Icelandic thrash metal band Skurk just released a single from their upcoming album Blóðbragð.  The song got the name Refsing and it is a chapter in a saga of Mjöll and her ill fate.  The song is a quite old school thrash tune with bit of twist and turns.  The album Blóðbragð is soon to be released and will be delivered into your ears pure essence of metal and a dramatic story of decisive murder and regrets.

HERE you can hear the song        

You can pre order Blóðbragð by sending mail to for further detail.

Here you can visit Skurk website

Bay Area Thrashers THE KING MUST DIE have just released their new video.


The clip for "These Later Years" is a nostalgic look back at The King Must Die's first five years together, 

as well as a look back into the long-time connections between the band members who have been in and out of bands together since the late-80's; 

all this, combined with an intense performance in their "home-base" rehearsal studio.


You can buy the self-released sophomore CD by TKMD at

The King Must Die is a thrash metal band formed in 2011 and operating out of the San Francisco Bay Area. All five members of TKMD came of age at the height of the Bay Area thrash scene and those influences are evident in their aggressive, riff-driven, uptempo music.

Their new record, "Murder All Doubt" picks up where their 2014 debut, "Sleep Can’t Hide the Fear", left off and shows a continued evolution of TKMD's signature sound. Guitarists Mike Sloat and Kent Varty trade off galloping riffs and unexpectedly melodic solos with equal skill, while drummer Corky Crossler and bassist Scott Paterson provide a dynamically fluid and tight rhythmic base. Vocalist Doggie Doyle's poetic lyrics, syncopated phrasing, and powerful delivery blend perfectly with the rest of the band to deliver a powerfully complete package. If you’re a metal fan, check out TKMD's "Murder All Doubt”…and don’t miss a chance to see TKMD live!


Ein Thrash-Metal-Brettspiel ist unterwegs! Thrash and Roll - Assassin Edition!

Du wolltest schon immer mal Manager einer Metal-Band sein? Unbezahlbare Emotionen spüren, wenn deine Band ihren ersten Auftritt hinlegt oder wenn ihr erstes Album erscheint und sie ihr erstes großes Interview geben? Wolltest du schon immer mal stolz sein, wenn du aus deinem Fenster schaust und auf der anderen Straßenseite eine Riesenmenschenmasse den Namen deiner Schützlinge ruft und auf Einlass zum Konzert wartet? Jetzt hast du die Chance dazu!

Heute startet auf der Spieleschmiede das Crowdfunding-Projekt zu der Thrash and Roll - Assassin Edition! Hier schlüpfen 1-5 Spieler in die Rolle von Metal-Band-Managern.

Die Bands im Spiel gibt es wirklich und - !!! - wir sind auch mit an Bord! Du kannst dich also schon bald als unser Manager versuchen! Wer weiß, vielleicht führst du uns ja auf den Metal-Thron!

Unterstütze das Projekt und sichere dir dein deutsches Exemplar, mit dem du gemeinsam mit deinen Freunden eine thrashige Spielrunde im Metal-Umfeld an eurem heimischen Spieltisch erleben könnt.



Board Game in Thrash Metal climate is coming! Thrash and Roll - Assassin Edition! Would you like to be a metal band manager? Feel unforgettable emotions, when Your group plays their first performance? When their first album appears, and they just carry out their first official interview? Would you like to be proud, when looking out of the office's window seeing the crowd gathered at the concert hall across the street, loudly chanting the band's name? Now you have the chance! Today on the platform Spiele Schmiede there was a launch of the new board game: Thrash and Roll - Assassin Edition, which is designed for 1-5 players who will play the roles of the managers of metal bands. There are real bands inside this game. And - attention - ASSASSIN are also in it! So you can soon try yourself as their manager! Who knows, maybe you will ensure even better performance and more fans. We recommend support for this project to become a happy owner of the game, thanks to which you can spend time with friends, and Thrash Metal climate spread on the home table.



German Thrash Metal pioneers ASSASSIN will come up with their new studio album “Combat Cathedral” May 20, 2016. The album will be released via Steamhammer / SPV worldwide and is available as CD, LTD. Edition LP version (500 only worldwide on red 180gr. Vinyl + CD) and of course as download.

The coverart was done by Marcelo Vasco who also did artworks for Slayer, Machine Head, Soulfly and Borknagar.


After founding member and shouter Robert Gonella has left the band in 2014 new singer Ingo “Crowzak” Bajonczak joined in and it turned out that he was the right choice for the band. The new album shows very impressive that this band is still able to deliver fast and precise Thrash Metal on a high level. From the first to the last note of the album this is a full throttle Metal album containing loads of energy and ultra-heavy riffing! Fasten your seatbelt and welcome “Combat Cathedral”. This will make clear that Assassin is still on top of the list of German Thrash Metal bands.


 “Jürgen “Scholli” Scholz (Assassin guitar) comments: “Like back in the 80s, the new album stands for Thrash Metal at it´s finest, but, after the last album Breaking the Silence, much more mature, developed and with a very fat production. Songs with 220 – 240 bpm are not rare, same with groovy Moshparts, which are partially nested into each other and a lot of sticking Refrains, which will animate you, to shout them along immediately  together with our new Singer Crowzak. The opener sums it up perfectly: Assassin are ‘Back from the dead’!”