Restless Mind Released New Ep "Why Do You Waste Your Time?"

Restless Mind, New Ep, Why Do You Waste Your Time?, Playmaker Sound Studio, INSANE VOICES LABIRYNTH

Moscow metal band Restless Mind released their new EP "Why do you waste your time?".  The EP was recorded in Playmaker Sound Studio, composed and mixed by the band guitarist Roman Novichkov. Vocals and lyrics by Anton Gruzinsky.


1.Your Flame 03:44 
2.Do It By Yourself (Сделай Сам) 03:48 
3.Legacy of Cain (Наследие Каина) 03:30 
4.Bloodline (Slayer cover) 03:37




Restless Mind - Зачем Ты Тратишь Время Зря? (2019)

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