MOLOCH returns with a new single "The Lighthouse"!

"In order for the light to shine so brightly the darkness must be present..."

The old and bizarre lighthouse stood tall on the rocky shore. Its strange light painted yellow against ominous clouds of deepest black. The unholy glow devoured all life around it and lured the travellers straight to their doom...

Once again the abominable MOLOCH returns with his new synthesised horror. "The Lighthouse", an epic dark electronica track, inspired by "The Fog" movie by John Carpenter, takes you back into the world consumed by evil. It's the most atmospheric and dark piece of music written by the artist yet. A true cinematic experience in vein of 80's and 90's horror & sci fi movies. If this song doesn't scare you to death then you're already dead!

"The Lighthouse" was recorded and produced by MOLOCH. Additional post-production was done at Monroe Sound Studio. Again the stunning artwork was created by Mark Cooper from Mindrape Art.

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