Parallel Minds Brand New Video For The Track 'On Your Own'

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Parallel Minds have unveiled a brand new video for the track 'On Your Own', taken from their critically acclaimed album, Every Hour Wounds...The Last One Kills. The video, which eschews the typical 'band playing in an industrial wasteland' approach, in favour of an ambitious mini-movie which explores the concepts of solitude and loneliness, is premiering exclusively with Distorted Sound Magazine.

The band spoke to Distorted Sound, explaining some of the themes within the song and how they strove to interpret these visually...
"The lyrical theme is solitude and the idea is that, no matter how surrounded you might be, there will always be moments in your life when you feel desperately lonely. It's a feeling shared by everyone in the world, but from a personal point of view it's very autobiographical as well. The melancholic vibe of the music portrays that feeling, although it's not really a ballad as it's still very heavy and dark.
As a band we don't particularly like to show our faces and we're all kind of bored of the classic metal video, showing some guys with angry faces playing in a hangar, so we went for a very different approach. We tried to bring the song's themes to life in a short movie - in our own humble way. Being an independent, DIY band, all the shots were filmed and edited by our vocalist, Steph, with the help of his friends and family. Even the baby shots are completely authentic as that's Steph's kid!
What we have created is a very personal song and video for the band. We hope that we will be able to evoke equally personal emotions in those who hear the song and watch this new video."

As mentioned above, 'On Your Own' is taken from Parallel Minds second album, Every Hour Wounds...The Last One Kills which has been stunning reviewers around the metal world with its incredible blend of progressive and thrash metal...

"...a thunderous and very heavy ride of relentless heavy metal from a band not afraid to explore various genres of metal music." -

Metal Gods TV

"...enough variety on show to please all rock fans..." - Poweplay Rock And Metal Magazine

"...well crafted, catchy and powerful modern metal." - Zero Tollerance Magazine

Parallel Minds, New Video, On Your Own, album, rock, metal, Every Hour Wounds...The Last One Kills, insane voices labirynth

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Parallel Minds - “On Your Own” Official Video

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