Australians Warrior Within: Release Video 'Opus'

Australian thrash metallers Warrior Within have released the song Opus from their deput EP In Darkness Act 1 as video.

Warrior Within are purveyors of good wholesome thrash metal. They do not stick to one topic lyrically but cover social, political and esoteric themes. The band from the Australian Sunshine Coast was established in the 90s by brothers Tass and Toli. With Scott and Dan joining, the band has been shaped into the current form.

Guitarist Tass states: "We have persevered through all adversity to release our music. To us Heavy Metal is not just entertainment, its a vehicle to explore a better reality." Fans will have a lot of opportunity to find out what that means. Warrior Within is already working on their second EP. In addition, metalheads living along Australia's East Coast will have the chance to see the guys live as they plan a tour for early 2020.

Have a listen to In Darkness Act 1 to get a first taste of all that coming.

Warrior Within are:

Scott Macintyre - Vocals

Tass Hadoulis - Rhythm / Lead Guitar

Apostolis Hadoulis - Bass

Dan Stixx - Drums

Warrior Within's EP In Darkness Act I is now available physically or for download on Bandcamp.

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