Ben Blutzukker - Radaudiophil (Dark Metal)

Ben Blutzukker - Radaudiophil (Dark Metal)

Who does not know the innumerable prejudices and stupid sayings like: »one does not understand what he is singing« or »one has to be in such a gloomy mood for that« or »that's just a phase« and of course the classic  »wear something with color«? In response to this nonsense, BEN BLUTZUKKER has now written the song RADAUDIOPHIL. This single response is rooted in BEN’s love for the dark noise and the dark wardrobe he indulges; the contents of his wardrobe has not become much more colorful over the years! In the single, BEN BLUTZUKKER has sought support from a wild horde who  share these views. The audience can hear their point of view in the final chorus of this German language metal anthem, RADAUDIOPHIL.

Brickfilm Music Video ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bptfEGYXy6M

Spotify, iTunes & Co ► https://ben.blutzukker.com/Radaudiophil/

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