The Shiver's "The Darkest Hour" Reissue Is Out!!

The Shiver's "The Darkest Hour" Reissue Is Out Today!! WormHoledeath Press

Wormholedeath is proud to announce that The Shiver's "The Darkest Hour" reissue is out!

The band stated:

“We composed this album when the road was difficult, then it opened the doors for us to tour massively in all Europe: every city betweek Yekaterinburg and Lisboa, we’ve played there! It’s a pleasure to re-issue TDH with our fabulous label WORMHOLEDEATH, thank you so much to all the staff”.


2.The Key 

3.Little Lonely Boy 

4.Forgotten Soul 


6.The Secret feat Vinx (Vanilla Sky)

7.Into the Darkest Hour 




11.Now I Forget (Bonus Track)

12.Love Will Tear Us Apart (Bonus                                                                                   Track) Joy Division cover



"Ocean" Official Video

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