SERPENTS (Karyn Crisis & Luciano Lamanna)

SERPENTS (Karyn Crisis & Luciano Lamanna)

Karyn Crisis and Luciano Lamanna have coiled together to form SERPENTS, their new electronic-and-voice duo project. 

Karyn Crisis, a pioneer vocalist in the field of metal music since 1993, is known for her far-reaching vocal range... from demon growls to angelic croons and most everything in-between. In Serpents, she explores the hypnotic and repetitive nature of charged words and a stripped-down melodic vocal expression, weaving sonic spells that are no less weird than her vocals for her former band of 13 years Crisis, guest vocals for Italy’s Ephel Duath, and her current band Gospel Of The Witches. 
Luciano Lamanna is an authentic maverick, or better said, a free beater. As sound engineer, dj, producer and remixer he never turned down an opportunity of adding his touch in collaborations such as ADSR SPQR, Balance, Der Noir and Creta above all, making dozen of releases since 1997. His strength thus lies in the puzzle of sounds which is the fruit of the most desperate of experiences from techno, industrial, wave and electronic - all of which are knowledgeably tessellated through the art of improvisation. 
SERPENTS is a journey into otherworldly, strange, and uncomfortable places. 
Out on June the 21st in limited colored 12" vinyl.

SERPENTS (Karyn Crisis & Luciano Lamanna)

Karyn Crisis: vocals 

Luciano Lamanna: synthesizers, effects 


Mastered by Luciano Lamanna at Subsound, 2018 

Artwork by Karyn Crisis 

Logotype by Christophe Szpajdel 

Produced by BloodRock, MMXIX.

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