Ezov - Cui Peccare Licet Peccat Minus

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Painful, emotional, metaphysical. Coming from the dark unspoken secrets of ages, and the sleepless nights in chants of the shadows... In places where the only light comes from the fires on the walls while proving an absurd matter’s transmigration.

Ritualistic, summoning, transcendental. On the path where nature meets the obscure science and they form an eternal occult conspiracy. The bastard son is born under a black star.

“Cui Peccare Licet Peccat Minus” comes a year after their “Non Plus Ultra” demo and band’s debut full-length album “Cerca Trova”. The Swedish duo – T (drums and vocals) and E (guitars, bass, vocals) delivers new experiences to the vast black metal scene with the
present four tracks.

The EP is more old school than their previous efforts and in the same
time much more sonically experimental, living on the avant-garde boundaries where shadows wander and spirits are waiting to be ritualistically evoked.

Band: Ezov

Country: Sweden

Title: Cui Peccare Licet Peccat Minus

Release date: 15 July 2019

Format: Digipack

Limited: 200 copies

Style: Black Death Metal



Ezov - The Temptations of Eve

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