CRYPTAE (NL experimental raw death metal) - "Vestigial" Announcement

CRYPTAE: Dutch Experimental Death Metal Freaks Unleash Sophomore Mini-Album "Vestigial" - Entire Work Premiered at CVLT Nation.

RYPTAE: Dutch Experimental Death Metal Freaks Unleash Sophomore Mini-Album "Vestigial" - Entire Work Premiered at CVLT Nation.
Sentient Ruin is honored to be a part again in the growing legacy of Cryptae. Our dutch experimental death metal brethren continue their insane artistic trajectory with a brand new mini-album - Vestigial - which is now shipping everywhere and officially released to the world.
The deranged dutch experimentalists return with yet another enigmatic mess of malformed and deviant experimental raw death metal, after having bent minds with their debut self-fitled tape in 2017, this time unfolding a single staggering eighteen-plus-minute track of complete aural delirium that somehow has managed to elevate their experimental bar even higher while keeping their crude death metal assault untouched and possibly even rawer and more hideous than ever. Within the mammoth headfuck of a song the duo cover an enormous amount of ground, letting lose on literally all of their most demented musical delusions and tapping into a monstrous pool of influences to unleash an aural pandemonium of absolutely unseen lunacy. Extremely cerebral and sophisticated, yet raw, repulsive, visceral and mercilessly unforgiving, on Vestigial Cryptae blur the lines between improvisation and deliberate erraticism and draw influence from a surreal array of seemingly antithetic influences ranging from Morbid Angel, Immolation, and Incantation, to Magma, John Coltrane, Macabre and beyond, to construct an hallucinatory sonic maze of utmost brutality, where shapeshifting tempos, vertigo-inducing repetitions, and demented song structures are meticulously designed to disorient the listener and annihilate their last shred of sanity.
Vestigial was officially released on August 16 with no prior teasing or previews and was premiered by CVLT Nation, the site calling the work “the most undecipherable, fucked in the head, and completely demented death metal release of the year“.
The mini album will come in a snow white single sided LP with an etched B-side, released in North America by Sentient Ruin, and in the EU by Tartarus Records.

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