Desecrated Grounds: Release Video Systema Perimetr

Desecrated Grounds: Release Video Systema Perimetr, Black-Roos Entertainment

Finnish Extreme Metallers Desecrated Grounds have just released their first music video for the track Systema Perimetr. The song is the first single from their upcoming second full-length album. Systema Perimetr is a song about the threat of nuclear holocaust and the fallibility of the human race; by making artificial intelligence a master of life and death. If the world weaponizes AI, this can be a future scenario.

Desecrated Grounds are:

Keijo Loisa - Guitars

Erno Hulkkonen - Guitars

Jere Sjöblom - Bass

Jussi Salminen - Vocals

Tapio Christiansen - Drums

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