Deathtura Unleash New Official Video "Purgatory of Our Future"

Deathtura Unleash New Official Video "Purgatory of Our Future", Wormholedeath Records

Belgium metal act Deathtura are proud to release their official video for the track"Purgatory of Our Future", taken from "Division" out via Wormholedeath.


Band statement:

"For this clip, recorded with Quentin Gusciglio (capture, realisation, production...), we choose a dark and powerful production, and Quentin was the evident choice for us to go this way.

We captured the video at "Centre Nerveux" in Belgium, their main room is completely dark so we made some interesting lighting effects. Add this to the powerful production and all these active views and you get this : Purgatory Of Our Future. Do you want to talk about the Future? Our Future... This Purgatory....!"

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