Crows's Flight (Finland) and the new album "The Storm" out!!!

Crow’s Flight and the new album ”The Storm” will be released at 4.10.2019 with Ram it Down records!

Album has 10 new songs with killer catchy choruses and classic heavy riffs. All songs are mixed and mastered by Emil Pohjalainen (Amberian Dawn, Thaurorod). CF also recorded a hard rock version of classic Genesis song - Home by the Sea. It’s a killer track also!

Music is familiar for listeners of bands like Allen-Lande, Masterplan, Whitesnake, Thunderstone, Pretty Maids, Nocturnal Rites etc.


Tracklist of ”The Storm”:

1. Forevermore (https://spoti.fi/2o5vw5H)

2. Circle Of Pain (https://spoti.fi/2oKnLSE)

3. The Mercenary

4. Read Between The Lines (https://spoti.fi/2oKojYI)

5. Final Sacrifice

6. A Candle In The Storm

7. The Path To Follow

8. Sea Of Lies

9. Darkness Within

10. Can't Be Undone

11. Home By The Sea*


You can check the album from digital medias (like Spotify) and get it as CD from several netstores. Crow’s Flight is a melodic metalband from Finland and is inspired by many different music styles because of the different musical backgrounds of the band members (Heavy, Gothic, Rock, Trash) and the musicians have decades of live and studio experience.

CF was founded in the early spring of 2008 by band’s former lead singr Crow (CH), guitarist Marko Vehmanen (FIN) and bassist Michel van Beekum (NL). First it started as a project from three nations - Switzerland, Finland and Holland. After some major line-up changes at 2016 CF found a new singer Markku Kuikka (Status Minor, Kenziner, The Ragged Saints etc.) and a new drummer Timo Rajala (ex-Ancara). Also in 2019 a new basist Jussi ”Leba” Lehto joined the group. With the fresh blood CF have reborn as a band and started up an new era of CF music. Crow's Flight have released their first full album "The Calm Before" at 2011.


Crow’s Flight line-up:

Markku Kuikka – vocals

Marko Vehmanen – guitars

Erno Hanhisalo – guitars

Jussi ”Leba” Lehto – bass

Risto Raivio – keyboards

Timo Rajala - drums

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