METALMESSAGE - "VII • Respect The Steel", Various Metal

Various Metal, insane voices labirynth, metalmessage, "VII • Respect The Steel"

With "VII • Respect The Steel", the current successor to the 2015er sampler "VI“, 13 Metal hopefuls are presented off the undignified constructed mainstream.

Stylistically set up with a competent focus, it is as stylishly homage to the classic, primeval Heavy Metal as thereon is to experience fully sworn Black Metal in all its dark splendor.

The emphatically designed, combative cover artwork comes from the capable hands of Serbian illustrator Dusan Markovic.


01. ASH OF ASHES (Germany) "Down The White Waters"
[ Unreleased Single Edit ]
02. HELL’S GUARDIAN (Italy) "Blood Must Have Blood"
03. INVICTUS (Germany) "Burst The Curse"
04. REVEREND HOUND (Germany) "War Of The Wolves"
05. DAWN AHEAD (Germany) "Sinister Thoughts"
06. WOLVES DEN "Nachtmahr"
07. AFTERMATH (USA) "Diethanasia"
08. ONTBORG (Italy) "Within The Depths Of Oblivion"
09. HOLLOWED (Germany) "Sick Society"
10. MISANTHROPIA (Germany) "Mirror"
11. ATRIUM NOCTIS (Germany) "Leviathan"
12. HANGATYR (Germany) "Blick aus Eis"
13. FORGE (Switzerland) "The Death Of A Warrior"
Official release 14th October 2019


Even epic uplifting Pagan Metal is featured on "VII • Respect The Steel".


"VII • Respect The Steel" on Bandcamp

2004 • Vol. I
2005 • Vol. II
2006 • Vol. III
2007 • IV
2008 • V
2015 • VI
2019 • VII • Respect The Steel







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