MOLOCH has just released new single "The Lurking Fear"!

"Some things are not meant to be known, other are too dangerous for human beings..."

Behold a story incredibly wild and monstrously hideous; a story of a silent colossal creeping death from another dimension. An entity from the Other Side. Imposible to comprehend, imposible to defeat. The color from outer space, the devourer of worlds, the Lurking Fear...

Return for the last time to the Other Side as MOLOCH invites you to witness his latest despicable offering. "The Lurking Fear" is the title track from the upcoming EP of true epic proportions. It's the most terrifying and elaborate MOLOCH release up to date. A true cinematic experience in vein of 80's and 90's horror & sci fi movies. If this song doesn't drive you mad than you are already insane!

"The Lurking Fear" was recorded and produced by MOLOCH. Additional post-production was done at Monroe Sound Studio. Once again the astonishing artwork was created by Mark Cooper from Mindrape Art.

You can check out the video to the title track below: 


The full EP with over 30 minutes of pure darksynth horror will be released soon. Be sure to follow MOLOCH's Facebook page at https://facebook.com/molochofficial

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