Brazilian guitarist releases live music video to celebrate album anniversary

Multi-instrumentalist Matheus Manente has just released a new live video of the song “Kinetic Disturbances”, recorded in São Paulo - Brazil. This release marks the fifth anniversary of his album “Illusions Dimension”, inspired by the power of music to make people think, question the world and evolve.

Originally released in 2014, the song’s concept deals with philosophical struggles. Despite having several layers of instruments in its studio version, it was reduced to its essence and performed in a power-trio format, with Leandro Fonseca on bass and Leo Miyata on drums. Thus, the musicians seek to explore new tones, refusing the over-processed sound that became part of modern music.

Matheus Manente already has vast experience in experimental music, recording for worldwide musicians and accumulating 10+ years of music production. “Kinetic Disturbances” is an ode to the 70s progressive rock classics dressed as modern metal.

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