Drivdal: Release Free EP Leve

Drivdal: Release Free EP Leve, Black-Roos Entertainment

Leve is the latest release from Norwegian Anarcho Black Metal artist Drivdal. The release is an EP with 7 tracks. Leve is in Norwegian, the native language of Nils Drivdal the man behind Drivdal. The EP is a totally FREE download release via the label Death To Music productions.

The artwork for the EP Leve is inspired by real-life graffiti. Nils explains: "The art for this one depicts war-time Norwegian resistance graffiti - my grandfather was one of those who fought off the Nazis."

Also available via the Download page at www.DeathToMusic.com is the first Drivdal EP Blø and many other FREE downloads from Old Forest, Ewigkeit, Orcrypt, The Bombs of Enduring Freedom and others.

Drivdal is the solo music of Nils Drivdal. A veteran of the Punk/Metal/Rock scene in Kristiansand, Norway. Nils plays live bass guitar for Progressive Metal band In The Woods, fronts the Punk band Tranquidiots and has been active for many years in different bands. The music of Drivdal is an original mix of classic 70s rock and the rugged sound of Black Metal with a Punk ethic.



01. Verden Hikster

02. Stedet

03. Fryktens Natt

04. Mørkertid

05. Viser Seg

06. Sannhet

07. Nederlagets Svik

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