- LAST SINGLE FROM THE UPCOMING ALBUM - Bludgeon The Incarnated Is On Youtube Now!

İlt: TR/New Music Video/Thrash Metal/Edgeflame

Thrash metal band Edgeflame has revealed the music video of the third single, Bludgeon The Incarnated from their upcoming album.

The video is available on Youtube: https://youtu.be/u-2ZecdvVjM

The 4th LP of Edgeflame, Bludgeon The Incarnated which was recorded at the Retro Yapım Studios in Ankara, TR will be officially released through Russian label Narcoleptica Productions on February 7, 2020.

The tracklist reads as follows:

 - Bludgeon The Incarnated -

1. The Aphorist

2. Providence At Dawn

3. Bludgeon The Incarnated

4. Sacrilegious Inferior

5. Alpha Steel Revival

6. Chamber Scars

7. Departure To Salvation

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