Impact Rock Management is pleased to announce the entry into the roster of Roman thrasherz REVERBER.
Reverber is an Italian thrash metal band founded in 2007 by young musicians united by one goal: to play thrash metal to the nth degree.
To date, Reverber have organized numerous events touching most of the Roman live clubs and carving out a good share of popularity, which has led them to share the stage with bands of the caliber of Nefilheim and Exumer, during one of their recent minitour in the Northern Italy.
The Reverber will be engaged in support of TANKARD for three exclusive dates in Italy, for more information please consult the official pages
They enter the roster together with Genus Ordinis Dei (exclusive South Italy), Jumpscare, Red Riot, Hellucination, Evil Never Dies etcc ...


FAN PAGE Reverber :
- https://www.facebook.com/Reverber/
- https://www.instagram.com/reverber_thrash/
- https://reverberofficial.bandcamp.com
Impatto Rock Management :


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