AEONS IN SOLITUDE – single “White Witch” from upcoming album ''Mourning Cloak''…+Official video

Aeons In Solitude is a doom metal band from Athens, Greece, formed by vocalist and composer Alex Roussos on May 2016. It all started as a solo project, but later turned into a full band on May 2018. Their sound consists of Doom/Gothic metal with progressive elements. Their debut album, entitled ‘’Mourning Cloak’’ was recorded, mixed and mastered at Fragile Studio in Athens, by Vangelis Yalamas.




Line Up:


Alex Roussos – Vocals


Panagiotis Leontaritis – Lead Guitars


Theo Leoutsakos – Guitars


Demetrius Moustakis – Bass Guitar


George Zouborlis – Drums




‘’Mourning Cloak’’ will be released April 22nd by Rock Company (The Netherlands).


Contains 8 songs.



One of them is the song “White Witch”. 



Also released the White Witch’s official video. Watch it here.

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