Fading Azalea Sign With Wormholedeath and Announce "Maze Of Melancholy" Album Release Date

Gothenburg symphonic metal band Fading Azalea are proud to announce that they have signed with Wormholedeath for the release of their album "Maze Of Melancholy", due for digital release on 08 05 2020.


Band statement:
”I am glad that WormHoleDeath helped me release my first album. Soon 13 tracks and a video to be released and heard worldwide!! That is a significant step for this solo project and I am truly thankful.”

1. Rêverie funeste

2. In The Name Of Justice

3. Heart Of Darkness

4. Flames of Death

5. Surface

6. Time To Realize

7. Dying Paradise

8. Fall Of The Mask

9. Here I Am Again

10 I Lost My way

11. Burning To Ashes

12. L'ombre derrière l'âme

13. Where I Belong

For the occasion, Fading Azalea unleashed the lyric video for the song "I Lost My Way":

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