AFTERMATH • Thrash Metal, USA • "Diethanasia" • 'Breakings News Edition' Music Video

On April 22, AFTERMATH released the special 'Breaking News Edition' video to the song "Diethanasia".
"As a kid I always questioned and challenged authority. That’s one thing that never changed for me. I’m a cynic and that has led to my search for the truth. I have been on a path to answer questions I have had for years. That search has led to some horrifying realities. The quest for the truth and the answers I have uncovered led to our latest album called 'There Is Something Wrong'. It is a concept record that challenges the listener to question everything and to never believe the official story just because your government or media tells you to. From the Fed to organized religion to Agenda 2030, the lyrics expose it all" says vocalist Kyriakos 'Charlie' Tsiolis.

Charlie continues, "the song 'Diethanasia' was written three years ago. If you listen to the lyrics it is literally about what is happening today. Bill Gates and his followers have been preaching and warning about a global pandemic for years. His attempt to scare the masses into a global vaccinated world that includes microchips used to track us should frighten us all. He is manipulating and distorting facts to justify “his vaccine” and their ultimate plan. 'Diethanasia' was written to warn everyone about this plan. They talk about sustainable development and population stabilization. Those phrases are meant to sound like solutions to a problem – a way to help the planet. They aren’t. Do you trust 'Big Pharma' to save you? Do you believe a computer salesman will save you? It is time to wake up and question everything."

AFTERMATH adds: "The lyrics in the song are not meant as an indictment of all lawyers, doctors, media, etc. The attack is meant for the few within those professions that aren’t interested in helping humanity, but instead destroying it."

Kyriakos 'Charlie' Tsiolis • Vocals
Steve Sacco • Guitar
George Nektarios Lagis • Bass
Ray Schmidt • Drums

1994 • Eyes Of Tomorrow (full-length)
2011 • 25 Years Of Chaos (boxed set)
2015 • Killing The Future (re-release of 1987 demo)
2019 • There Is Something Wrong (full-length)
2020 • Give Peace A Chance (single)

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