French post-metallers UNBURNT premiered new single "The Veil" // New album 'PROCESSION' coming out on May 15th on all platforms

About two years after the official release of their EP Æthereal’  French post-metallers UNBURNT just shared a brand new single called "The Veil" and available right now.

For fans of Neurosis, Ancestors, Unfold, The Ocean


Stream the single "The Veil" on YouTube

The gritty, doomy intro of “The Veil” instantly reminded me of Ancestors‘ Suspended In Reflections due to its organic atmosphere and power. The following part gets a little calmer, playing out in a dynamic interplay of harsh and clean sections.




Furthermore, the sound of UNBURNT creates a somewhat bipolar experience, one that can be extremely aggressive and powerful, but also calm, patient, and fragile. After half of the song is finished, a very Gojira-esque tapping section comes in – it’s particularly reminiscent of their song “Global Warming” because of its harmonics and melody. Very much unlike Gojira, though, Unburnt bring “The Veil” back to its doomy post-metal sound, which soon sees another melodic guitar part being added.



“The Veil” is a song that stands out thanks to its great contrasts, benefitting from Unburnt‘s raw, organic, and energetic sound. The band’s rhythmic sophistication makes their doom parts even more aggressive and unique.

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