From the band:

Our new bass player becomes Kaj Leissner, whom you may know from projects like Jaggernaut & Arise . As you may also know – we have decided to follow and grow Oxidize, with great respect of Tommy Larsson´s memory and since Tommy always wanted Oxidize to move on with full force, in both good and bad times. This was of course not an easy decision for anyone due to the circumstances, but the only logical way forward is of course to join forces and together work hard during the album release and upcoming singles + music video releases and further. We know that Tommy would approve our decision, Kaj Leissner once took over the bass from Tommy in Jaggernaut in 2011. So filling in for him here is actually a way of closing the circle and something we all feel good about and we hope you support us with this important decision.

For those of you who do not know, Kaj has been active in the Swedish metal scene since 15 years back, and has been a member of the melodic metal band Jaggernaut (with members from Lost Horizon, Luciferion & ex Highlander) since 2011. Before that, he was a part of the Gothenburg-sound death metal band ARISE for 6 years.

His playing style is tight and fast - with a deep and solid bass tone that we know for sure the fans will not be disappointed. Kaj is also involved as a co-founder in the largest vinyl pressing plant in Sweden. Geared up with Yamaha basses, Darkglass electronics and Gallien-Krueger amps.                Welcome aboard brother.

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