Rockers And Other Animals Press Office & Promotional Agency is pleased to announce the collaboration with Thai Vegan Metal band 1Q94 and presents the new video

Rockers And Other Animals Press Office & Promotional Agency, collaboration, Vegan, Metal band 1Q94 and presents the new video,Dr. Extermination, Yuppicide, rockers and other animals, insane voices labirynth, valeria campagnale

1Q94 is a vegan & green metal band that was formed in Bangkok, Thailand, in August 2013.
In December 2014, they released a 3-track demo CD entitled “12 Monkeys” based on Terry Gilliam's 1995 eponymous film.
After that first release, they have been recording metal covers of popular songs and acoustic covers of metal songs of plant-powered artists that are available on their YouTube channel.


The band deemed that it is not ethical nor morally acceptable to use animal suffering to make personal profits. Therefore they made a donation on June 21st, 2019, of all the royalties of all the songs the band will ever record and release to the มลู นธิ วิ แี กน (Vegan Foundation of Thailand) before they fall into the public domain.

มลู นธิ วิ แี กน (The Vegan Foundation of Thailand) has the obligation to use the money generated by the copyrights of the band’s songs to finance educational and artistic projects aiming to support animal rights at both national and international levels. มลู นธิ วิ แี กน (The Vegan Foundation of Thailand) will have to make public on a yearly basis how the funds will be used.

The band is currently working on a LP to be released in the fall of 2020.

News will come very soon!


Follow the band on their Facebook page to keep up to date with musical and ethical news.


1Q94’s lineup:
Nameless Beast – Lead vocals, Rhythm guitars
Nameless Beast – Lead guitars, Backing vocals
Nameless Beast – Drums, Backing vocals
Nameless Beast – Bass, Backing vocals


In the meantime, let's listen to the cover of the song "Dr. Extermination" by Yuppicide, in acoustic version recorded during the quarantine.
The video was released today, June 26, 2020.




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