L'homme Absurd free Live Show Stream July 11th

Hailing from Russia, L'Homme Absurde play a captivating blend of post metal, black metal and hardcore that has been refined over multiple releases leading into their third LP, 'Belong'. The band originally started as the solo project of A.S. and quickly evolved into a fully fledged band with energetic and passionate live performances. Their name is in french and loosely means The Absurd Human/Man, it is taken from the philosophical work "The Myth of Sisyphus" by Albert Camus.

Their unique style has since become a staple of the Russian music scene, bringing their regional sound to the world at large to compete in the popular global post black arena.

Band Members (Available for interview):


Alexey Slavin - vocals,

Alexandr Safronov - guitar,

Roman Savenkov - guitar,

Pavel Gorshkov - bass,

Evgeny Loboda - drums. 

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