Memories of a Dead Man : new video clip and release new album on Season of Mist

"Shapeshifter" from MOADM's upcoming album (re)M.A.Z.E.d will be out on Septembre 21st. Stay tuned !

A videoclip directed by Léo Alves.

Track recorded and mixed by Duff Rodriguez at Mejej Studio.
Mastering by Anthony De Huitisch Mastering.

Photo by Thomas Sirou
It's in a still quite special context and right after summer holidays that we have the pleasure to unveil the release date of our brand new album!
"(re)M.A.Z.E.d", our 4th album, will be released on October 16th of 2020!







Recorded by Duff Rodriguez @ Mejej Studio

Mastering by par Anthony Marnat @ Huitisch Mastering.,
"(re)M.A.Z.E.d" will be distributed by Season of Mist, thanks to Ellie Promotion.


Artwork by Kinglizard.




Tracklist :

1) Shapeshifter

2) Do You Accept?

3) Scaring Stars

4) Hold Your Breath

5) So Shine

6) Ignition

7) Deceiving Utopia

8) Inner Shout

9) A Framed Window

10) Wavelength

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