CORNERS OF SANCTUARY: To Be Featured On The Bill Of The Old School Metal Festival, "Return Of The Old Cult" On November 6th

With the Covid-19 pandemic still relevant, as it became part of the worldwide social order, at least for the time being, the inability to play shows hasn't been taken lightly. With such an online streaming festival as the Chilean "Return Of the Old Cult", joining hand in hand several old school Metal bands worldwide, there is a cause to rejoice for the time being and also since Corners Of Sanctuary will be there. 


Thundersteel Magazine has been one of the most prestigious publications in Latin America, with a lifespan ever since 1996. It has been considered to be one of the most legendary cult magazines in the entire Spanish-speaking world. At present, it is launched in different languages all over the world, even against any forecast it remains active in these dark days

 At these times of Covid in 2020, the magazine joined forces with a Chilean producer at DFM Producciones. Together, they created the streaming festival, "Return Of The Old Cult": Convention Of Steel. 


The festival brings together bands from all over the world, in an event never before seen on the Internet, where bands will play, enabling also the online attendees to receive reports and info regarding the playing band's releases. 


This November 6th, Friday, "Return Of The Old Cult" is taking place, and it is possible to watch it through the main YouTube Channels of Thundersteel Magazine and DFM Producciones, while also on the social media networks of these two companies.

"Return Of The Old Cult" 2020's lineup:
 1. Nihilism (Honduras)
 2. Sathanas (US)
 3. Nightsword (US)
 4. Heavy Justice (US)
 5. Hex Vortices (US)
 6. Ravage (US)
 7. Hëiligen (Chile)
 8. Solicitor (US)
 9. Screamer (Sweden)
 10. Thunderslave (Mexico)
 11. Corner of Sanctuary (US)
 12. War of Thrones (US)
 13. Retrosatan (Argentina)
 14. Martyr (Netherlands)
 15. Damien (US)
 16. Mystery Blue (France)


Watch "Return Of The Old Cult" 2020's Festival


Stacey Lee - Vocals

Mad T - Drums

James Pera - Bass & Backing Vocals

Mick Michaels - Guitars & Keyboards










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