New live & acoustic video from Redeye Caravan

Redeye Caravan is back with a video release, playing "Banshee" live & acoustic, introducing a video series called "The Basement Sessions" in which they'll perform their "Nostrum Remedium" songs!

Watch the video here:

Video Clip by Redeye Caravan. Video Edit & Montage by Akis Kosmidis, Camera Αrrangement by Valantis Dafkos, Camera Operation by Thanos Kostakopoulos.


The band: Akis Kosmidis (vocals, acoustic guitar - music), Valantis Dafkos (vocals, bass - lyrics), Panos Makoulis (electric, slide, acoustic guitars, keys, vocals - orchestration), Eleni Paraskevopoulou (vocals), Stefanos Strogylis (harmonica), Thanos Giamarelos (violin), Paris Gatsios (drums, percussion).








...The Caravan lied around the fire, once again. This wasn't the first time weather made it hard to travel, and it surely wouldn't be the last. The smoke was thick and soon the whiskey was changing hands. The instruments got out of their bags like sick from the stale, only to sweeten after the first few notes. The rustling grew louder and the first creatures timidly appeared. Then came the others, the ones who wake only in the night and even then they crave for the long shadows, so that even the moon won't catch a glimpse of them. The ceremony has begun... welcome to "The Basement Sessions"!...

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