Finnish Blood Region released a new EP The Silent Village

Photo by L. Martikkala and Photo layout by Tomi Mäenpää

Finnish Blood Region released a new EP named 'The Silent Village'. 

Watch videos of all the three tracks:
01. Prelude https://youtu.be/YLxEcWwUjbA
02. Saint Peters Road https://youtu.be/035Auh9pvh8 
03. The Silent Village  https://youtu.be/0LR2CZPEkCg 
The band comments:
"The Silent Village is a strong integrity, as if a some kind of continuation to our debut album Tales of the Backwoods. The Silent Village song itself is over 15 years ago composed song from which we created a supporting theme to whole recording.
With familiar style we did the songs, melodic, riffing, atmospheric and with soundscapes from different genres.

We use 2 singer at the moment Juha Virkamäki from "Fearrage" (Saint Peters Road) and Tero Paavola from "All Rise" (The Silent Village)

Once again with all the talents of all the people we have managed to create a great recordind. Enjoy!"

Single cover by Erik Vahanka

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