DR. SCHAFAUSEN Release New Official Video ‘Waiting For Tomorrow’

Italian dystopian group Dr. Schafausen have released a new video for the title track of their recently released album Waiting For Tomorrow which hit the stores via Sliptrick Records on March 9th.


Here’s the official press about the concept for the track; “It’s hard to talk about waiting because based on what you expect, it can be positive or negative. In fact, there are many different types of waiting, each characterized by its own state of mind. Sometimes waiting is good, other times it is a sentence and you don’t have the courage to act. The most important thing is to understand when it is worth waiting and when instead you need to take action. What is your idea? Do you like to wait for what happens or do you prefer to have everything in hand and take action? Every night I went to sleep without turning off my cell phone. The next morning I saw that there had been no calls and I was saddened. The mood turned black, and another day of waiting began. Waiting for something that will never come, tomorrow never comes.”


Dr. Schafausen – Waiting For Tomorrow [album]

The album Waiting For Tomorrow is based on atmospheres that well represent scary or unwanted life experiences, in fact, the work was born from Dr. Schafausen’s (aka Sergio Pagnacco) state of consciousness felt due to the quarantine for Covid 2. The album’s atmospheres are able to best represent the various sensations in contrast with the many utopias of life. 


Video directed by Yannick Louet and Hiroki Abe

Waiting For Tomorrow  Released March 9th, 2021 on Sliptrick Records


Available now from:

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Dr. Schafausen are:

Slava Antonenko – Vocals

Michael Pahalen – Guitars

Dr. Schafausen – Bass & Vocals


Anatole Lyssenko – Drums


Band links:

Official Website



On Sliptrick

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