Polish progmetallers FACTOR 8 release the official video for “Insomnia”

“Insomnia” is the second single off the yet-untitled EP which is planned for late 2021. “The Valkyries”, the debut record of the band from Bydgoszcz was released in 2016.

Video: Peter "Lestath" Leszczynski ( Red Sun Studio ) - project direction, cameraman, lights, fx, video edit, post-production



Radosław Górski ( RADVISUAL ) - art direction, 3D modeling, animations, graphic


Video Edit : Peter 'Lestath' Leszczyński


Dariusz Głuchowski: Camera assistant


Factor 8 are:

Bartek Wojciechowski (vocals)

Mariusz Lemański (guitars, backing vocals)

Kamil Robaczewski (bass)

Peter 'Lestath' Leszczyński (drums, samples)

Daniel Pradella (keyboards)




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