Børeal, is releasing its first videoclip Anhedonia

Børeal, is releasing its first videoclip: Anhedonia

The Colombian prog-rock/alt-metal band: Børeal, is releasing its first videoclip: Anhedonia. Anhedonia, is the lower capacity to experience pleasure, according to the researcher Loren J. Chapman.


The recording was done in Bogotá and features the performance of the contemporary dance Master Laura Phoenix as a special guest.


According to the band, this song is an introspection and a personal reflection of one of the symptoms that appears in depression, furthermore, the lyrics depicts the interaction between the human being and its mind.


The song is part of its debut EP: Las Mariposas Agitan Sus Alas, which can be found in all the streaming platforms.


Find the band in social media as @borealcol

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