Melodic Death Metal band SENSE OF NOISE releases second single "Morning Glory

Melodic Death Metal band SENSE OF NOISE releases second single "Morning Glory" together with a wonderful visual journey as video, influenced by bands like Amorphis, Insomnium and Dark Tranquillity.


"Morning Glory" the new single by Sense of Noise, introduces a more melodic phase of the band, with elegant and sticky melodies on clean vocals, guitars and piano, as well as a bit of melancholy, contrasting with the fierce and fast riffs of their debut single. Released together with an incredible animation video that tells a story related to the lyrics, which talk about finding the meaning of life and death through nature, as well as the contemplation of existence itself.


Mixed and produced by Fede D'Empaire and mastered by Tony Lindgren at the very well known Fascination Street Studios in Sweden, where bands like Sepultura, Arch Enemy and Soilwork have been produced.

Even though this is the second single of the band, their members are not new to the metal and music world, having already played in big stages like Wacken Open Air, Metaldays and Knotfest with previous bands, and have collaborated with members of legendary bands like Morbid Angel, Therion, Atheist and Snowy Shaw in other projects. Fede d'Empaire, the band's guitarist and singer, is a skilled producer and composer.

"Morning Glory" is the second of a serie of singles that will be released through the year and that will culminate in the release of their debut album, which will have some surprises for the fans of Melodic Death Metal.


Sense of Noise was conceived in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic and is formed by

Jerome Chanona - vocals

Bart Chanona - Drums

Fede d'Empaire - Guitars and vocals

Diego Caná - Bass

Nib Sen - Keys






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