Ben Blutzukker feat. Snowy Shaw, I am a Metalhead until I'm a dead!

What happens when Brick-Metal-guy BEN BLUTZUKKER and Swedish Metal-Icon SNOWY SHAW (Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Notre Dame, Illwill, Dream Evil, among others) team up for a joint single?

 The result is called METALHEAD and will not only musically pick up those who grew up with the metal of the 90s, but also remind them with its countless cross-references to the great bands of that time hidden in the lyrics!

Of course, a Brickfilm music video with Lego and alternative bricks must not be missing for this single! Beside BEN BLUTZUKKER and SNOWY SHAW as minifigures, there are also a whole lot of Easter Eggs from the metal heydays of the 90s to discover! Who will find them all?


2021 – Metalhead (Single)

2020 – Dancefloor Satellite (Single)

2020 – Faded Memory (Single)

2020 – Crucified (Single)

2019 – Ba-Ba-Banküberfall (Single)

2019 – Radaudiophil (Single)

2019 – I want to be Evil (Single)

2019 – Queen of the Nite (Single)

2017 – Riptide (EP)

2015 – Analog Blood (EP)



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