Diamonds in the Dark new release by Adrian Benegas

In late March 2020, during the lockdown of the coronavirus pandemic, escapism became the ultimate tool for Adrian Benegas. He interned himself into his private studio and began writing and pre-producing the overall concept for his second solo material. Months later and with the demos already completed, he began the final production process together with German vocalist Herbie Langhans (AVANTASIA, FIREWIND), who was the lead singer of his debut album “The Revenant” (2019). This team was completed by renowned German producer SASCHA PAETH, a production icon within the genre, who has produced countless European Heavy and Power Metal bands, such as AVANTASIA, KAMELOT, RHAPSODY, EPICA, just to name a few.


All this work will come to light with the EP titled "Diamonds in the Dark", which will be available on digital platforms from May 21, 2021. "Diamonds in the Dark", has a solid general concept about being a social outcast and take it as "Screw it all!" Through the songs of pain, rage and revenge, the true intention is that the person who listens to these songs feels a little more invincible than before, a rebel soul.


Adrian comments: “It is absolutely interesting how a diamond is more or less a piece of coal, which withstood the passage of time and pressure. Without those situations, it would never have become the treasure it was meant to be and this is exactly what is presented in this EP: The decision to embrace suffering, to truly be a rebel soul in search of living your own life so strong and authentically as you choose, regardless of the circumstances you went through, regardless of your past, living from the present. One of my life philosophies is that we can really rewrite our history constantly with the decisions we make and the conviction that we have to live without caring much what others say. This EP has a lot of my history, especially my past, but as I said, from the point of view of relieving pain and using it as fuel to redraw my own life ”, highlighted the composer.


This release is accompanied by a motion comic of the song "Poisoned Love" from the channel Adrian Benegas en YouTube.

The EP can be purchased on the website: www.adrianbenegas.com

Tracklist “Diamonds in the Dark ”

1. Orphan of Life

2. Poisoned Love

3. Rebels

4. Abandoned

5. Adrenaline

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