Halcyon Days’ Emotive Melodic Hardcore Sound Shapes Their “Shadows” Into A Memorable Hardcore-Ballad

Norwegian melodic hardcore quintet Halcyon Days drop a new single and music video titled “Shadows” today! Turn up the volume & listen to the single here.

There’s something within the music of Halcyon Days that sets free a lot of emotions, while the lyrics of “Shadows” deal with the situation of fighting your inner self. May it be their great deal in melodic guitar parts, their crushing metalcore breaks or the emotional vocals - it all perfectly sums up in a modern sound full of explosive energy that makes us miss the melodic hardcore movement of the 2010s, while showing that they are able to catch this spirit. “Shadows” is nothing less than another great single that evokes high hopes for Halcyon Days’ upcoming record!


As the frontman of Halcyon Days, Robbe Madsen, states:


“With Shadows, we’ve created one of our best tracks, with everything from head crushing breakdowns and intense emotional vocals to catchy melodic hooks and acoustic guitars in this versatile track about the struggle of fighting your inner voice, anger, impulses and your own thoughts of how other people perceive you.”


“Shadows” is the second single off the upcoming album, which will be released this Fall via Indie Recordings!


Halcyon Days are:

Steffen Johansen – Bass

Robbe Madsen – Vocals

Ulrik Linstad – Guitar

André Sørensen – Guitar

Eirik Løvås Bjerke - Drums



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