Mental Torment - 2nd LP "ego:genesis" release date 29.09.2021

Mental Torment proudly presents 2nd LP "ego:genesis" which will be released on 29.09.2021 via Metallurg Music.

The new album "ego:genesis" will include 7 tracks about the catharsis that a person goes through in a moment of despair and hopelessness, searching for answers to eternal questions, resisting the inevitable and final acceptance of their fate. The album will bring a fresh view on the traditional Doom Metal genre. From acoustic ballads and funeral vibes to sludgy and modern progressive music.

Pre-order Limited physical copies on: https://www.facebook.com/mentaltormentband


The First 100 Album copies will include a uniquely designed 8-pages booklet and autographs of the band members. Shipping worldwide.


Mental Torment

Country: Ukraine

Genre: Atmospheric Doom Metal


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