International metallers HELESTIOS publish their strong voice against Belarussian dictator Lukashenka.

“All Attack” is taken from “Your Pain Tastes Good” released in 2020.


“This song is in support of Belarusian people whose families and lives been dictated by one man for 25 years. Just here in Europe! It's unacceptable for the rest of us to call Europe a free place, if on our own continent (or half) we have almost ten million people basically imprisoned and isolated. There are reported casualties, repressions on daily basis even currently in 2021 - people just like that being taken by so called enforcement authorities, to disappear without others knowing if to return. And for simply wanting to live their lives normally, in a free open society they can now even fear for their lives. “


The documentary footage taken from events in Belarus 2020 August - right after Lukashenka gets announced as election winner by 80% - not a sign of cheerful Lukashenka supporters but instead protests of people rise to hundreds of thousands of people in streets whom the glorious winner greets with special forces troops and their brutality. Each of us is responsible for the world we live in - together we can make this world much better for everyone! Let's do more for our Europe.


HELESTIOS is a Latvian / Greek / Dutch band based in London, England.



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