The End A.D. New EP “It’s All In Your Head”

Philadelphia’s Female Fronted Metal / Hardcore / Punk band The End A.D. was formed in 2014 and has members from some of the filthiest bands to ever plague the city of brotherly love. Ami Friend who is one of the most exciting singers to see live joined The End A.D. on vocals back in May of 2017.


The End A.D. has already pounded out three releases since Ami joined the band: Their 12inch color vinyl EP “The Smell of Despair” via Kill Time Records, their split cassette release “Sermon of Violence” with the all female Thrash band Tormentress from Singapore via Hellforced Records and their critically acclaimed full time album “Badlands” via Fastball-Music.


The End A.D. just keep getting better with every release! Like a tsunami of sound that swallows the listener whole and just as you come up for air you are pummeled again. Massive riffs, pounding bass and drums along with Ami Friend’s vocals where you can truly feel her Angst. We are fed up and pissed off. This time around the Plague Doctor finds himself in the middle of another crisis as he witnesses the over prescribing of medications to patients in or leaving facilities for Mental Health, Addiction or Depression. In the songs are messages of Hope, Strength and a Piece of Mind.



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