Byron Nemeth - Reveals New Single Artwork 'You Know It’s True'

The official artwork is now revealed for the new single You Know It’s True. To be featured in Spotify, iTunes and all digital platforms in October.

Created by Timo Wuerz when he first heard the lyrics it made him think of a passage, an initiation from an old version of one self to a new one and the design was born! Perfect match to the music

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Check out the new teaser videos released giving an inside look into the pre production of the video and the recording studio used to record the song.

Byron Nemeth has tracked his brand new song "You Know It's True" at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, TN.

The stellar musicians involved in the recording are: Luis Espaillat (Bass Guitar), Zach Ballard(Drums) and Steve Braun (Vocals).

Tim Dolbear was Producer and the song was Engineered by Lowell Reynolds who’s expertise and input in the process made the entire session run smooth with fantastic tones.

Mark Allee captured everything on video that will be released officially in the coming weeks.

Blackbird Studio is one of the preeminent studios in the world founded by John McBride , and his wife country artist Martina McBride . The Blackbird complex includes nine studios and The Blackbird Academy a post-secondary audio engineering school. Video will be shot by Mark Allee who just finished a great drum video for Ray Luzier of Korn .


Stylistically it’s a “Tip-Of-The-Hat” to the early Satriani and Hendrix vibe when there was strong emphasis on composition and lyrical soloing with catchy hooks and unique twists in the guitar.


 Engines Of Thunder ” was recorded in Apple Logic Pro X with the Universal Audio Apollo Twin QUAD using only the UA Marshall JMP 2203 and Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 plug-in’s for that amazing legendary Marshall sound. Guitar of choice is a hot rodded Jackson USA Signature Adrian Smith San Dimas Stratocaster with a EVH D-Tuna System and run thru a Morley DJ Ashba Skeleton Pedal for that classic Wah-Wah sound.


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