Aisles have released their latest single “Thanks to Kafka”

Art by  Medu1a

Chilean progressive rock band Aisles have released their latest single “Thanks to Kafka” through Presagio Records on all digital platforms. The song is a preview of the group's new studio album, which will be released during the first few months of 2022.

"Thanks to Kafka" was influenced by Lou Reed, the darker side of Porcupine Tree and the melancholy of Radiohead. It is also the first single where guitarist Germán Vergara takes the lead on vocals and marks a stylistic shift in relation to the three previously released singles, “Fast”, “Disobedience” and “Megalomania.” “'Thanks to Kafka' is totally introspective. It is based on the idea of people who did not find answers to their existential problems or who lost the battle of life,” says Vergara. The writer Franz Kafka was the perfect reference to define this internal struggle, because "he speaks from defeat and approaches it from those dark places.”

The track was recorded at Estudio del Sur, produced and mixed by Angelo Marini and Germán Vergara and mastered by American engineer Randy Merrill (Muse, Paul McCartney, Beck, Liam Gallagher). It is the fourth single from the band's new studio album, following “Fast”, which came out on June 4, “Disobedience”, released on July 15, and “Megalomania”, on August 27.

The cover was created by designer Jean Pierre Cabañas from Médu1a (winner of the 2017 Pulsar Award for Best Art of the Year for “El vuelo del Pillán” by Kuervos del Sur) and the video was directed by Loretta Castelletto (Princess Alba, Soulfia, Polima Westcoast). “Both on the cover and in the video we want to pay tribute to Kafka,” says Vergara. “In the image there is that skull with a hole like a person who committed suicide by shooting themselves and the cockroach symbolizing depression; and in the video we want to represent the absurdity and the lack of answers”.

The group, formed by Germán Vergara, Felipe Candia (drummer), Rodrigo Sepúlveda (guitar), Juan Pablo Gaete (keyboard), Israel Gil (vocalist) and Daniel Concha (bass), has finished recording their fifth studio album, which will be released during the next months. The new album leaves behind the concept and sound of “Hawaii” (2016) in favor of a more direct and powerful sound influenced by bands like Porcupine Tree, Rush and Animals As Leaders. “We have done a very exhaustive job. We put pressure on ourselves to change our paradigm,” says the producer and guitarist.

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