Polish band SOTHORIS unveiled second song from upcoming album

After three years of publishing silence, SOTHORIS is back.

On the new album, second in the discography, entitled Wpiekłowstąpienie (eng. eng. "Harrowing of Hell”) Polish band Sothoris (blackened death metal) shows his more brutal face. The musical layer is full of aggressive guitar parts interspersed with melodic solos and devilish blasts of Hrist.  Raven's vocalist once again decided to sing in native, polish language.

New song “W cieniu Golgoty”

New song “W cieniu Golgoty” (live rehearsal)

First song "Opus Dei" 

Band commentary: "With the release of this recording, we are welcome the new guitarist "Setrial", whose arrival brings us back together again (appearing in the lower left corner). The film was recorded after he joined us, and since we had a lot of work to prepare for this recording, the guitar part he took was recorded at home and mixed with the material recorded by the band".


Cover artwork was painted by Polish artist Bartosz Muszyński.

Music production was done by Krzysztof Kostencki (Tetra Wave Studio).


Album will be released 6 January 2022 on CD via: More Hate Productions (Russia), Old Metal Rites (Brazil), Misantropia Records (Finland) and in the third quarter of 2022 with Entropy Records (Columbia).



FFO: Arkona (PL), Hate (PL), Voidhanger.

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