REDREIGNER – single “Myst” from EP “Redreigner”

Formed in late 2020 by brothers Constantine and Petros Jajas, Redreigner began as a nameless Death Metal project with a goal of finishing a series of recordings by the end of 2021. Chris Dovas was invited to guest on drums and the project quickly became something more. Furious vocals and bass were the last pieces of the puzzle, roles that were taken up by Paschalis Christofilos and Anastasis Karamichalis. The project became a band and thus, Redreigner were born. By December 2021 they finished recording and their first EP was released. 



Paschalis Christofilos - Vocals  

Constantine Jajas - Guitar 

Petros Jajas - Guitar  

Anastasis Karamichalis - Bass 

Chris Dovas - Guest Drums



Mastered by John Mcris at Hell’s Kitchen Recording Studio 

Cover Art by Natasha Papika 

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