22 OTTOBRE 2018

Soul Dissolution is an Atmospheric/Post Black Metal band from Belgium, formed in December 2012. Their first demo was released in 2014, and a debut album in 2016 ("Pale Distant Light", released by Throats Productions). This time my review will be written about this beautiful and elegant E.P. called NOWHERE composed by two songs. 

The first track, “Road to Nowhere” with a duration of 11 minutes, is a true masterpiece, combining the best of Opeth, Alcest and Katatonia at the same time. The song shows beautiful passages with several melodic touches, I really like the mix between distorted guitars and clean guitars.

The second track, “Fading Darkness” begins with a calm and dark melody which evolves every minute, you can sense the influence of Agalloch here. Another great point: production. The sound is very well balanced on this E.P.! Every detail was well polished, and you can listen to that through every second of the record. 


Soul Dissolution are:

Jabawock - Guitars, Bass, Additional Vocals

Acharan - Lead Vocals

Celestial - Session Drums


Alex Montenegro